INNOVATION: Accruing the momentum of orthopedic
profession via education

Aplus always thinks in orthopedists' and patients' way and cooperates with academic and clinical professionals. Our innovations are directed at the development of products suits best with Asians' bone curvature and the improvement of the clinical experience of the products currently available, and these are to provide Asian patients with the most comfortable treatment experience.

T.D.R. Locking Plate System

TOPUS Locking Plate System

Since 2009, Aplus from Taiwan started to FOCUS on designing our own produce for the asian, and the meaning of the ASIAN CURVE products are not only to do an INNOVATION in orthopaedic market, but also into a new PARTNERSHIP with all orthopaedic surgeons!

R.A.F Locking Plate System

Distal radius locking plate follow Asian curve, three column fixation and carter-shaped screw with specific styloid fixation, can provide surgeons a new choice in wrist solutions.

UCLA Locking Plate System

Distal Ulna Cross-Link Anatomical Locking Plate

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