We share platform resources
and success with partners.
We not only highlight Aplus' success,

but help every partner maximize
his or her potential.
This depends on profession and collaboration.

Patient health is the focus of our service
As an experienced orthopedic medical device business, we have surgeon's professional needs and concerns in mind.

As an Asian company, we are also familiar with the interaction of cultures and the expectations of Asian patients, and this helps us to realize the development and provision of products and services best matching their needs.

Optimal quality is the outcome of self-advancement,compliance, and the most stringent standards

We exercise all due diligence at every stage and keep track of every procedural outcome.

Aplus works to ensure satisfaction
because we believe in the best quality,
and are committed to reliable partnership.


Aplus manual orthopedic surgical instrument, unsterilized

Aplus metal locking screw and plate system

Pharmaceutical manufacturer license

Pharmaceutical distributor license

NovaBone Bioabsorbable Bone Graft

GMP - domestic medical device GMP information

Pharmaceutical distributor license

"Department of Health, Executive Yuan's certificate of approval for first class medical devices" for manual surgical instrument

First exhibition of Aplus' anatomic bone plate

Seminar of the application and developmental trend of combined medical devices

Department of Health's certificate of approval for Aplus' metal locking bone plate and bone screw system (10/28).

First clinical project for curvature anatomic bone plate in Asia

Acquired new patent (calcaneus bone plate set, proximal humerus lateral bone plate set, distal humerus posterior bone plate set)

Awarded with "National Biotechnology Award" and "Taiwan Excellence Awards" (7/6)

Acquired the Department of Health's certificate of approval as the OEM of NovaBone Bioabsorbable Bone Graft

Medical device industry technical guidance and promotion program

The first domestic manufacturer to hold a gross anatomy curriculum

Taipei Biotechnology Award (Department of Economics): "Technology Commercialization, First Place (Gold Award)" (9/14)

First overseas industry and medicine meeting (Shanghai)

ISO13485 and ISO9001 certification

GMP certification

Second overseas medicine meeting; on the use of Aplus' products (Guangzhou)

8,000 accumulated clinical cases exceeded

National innovative technology award, December 2013

Monthly revenue reaches approximately NTD 16 million, expected annual revenue is a hundred million or more.

20,000 accumulated clinical cases exceeded

Monthly revenue reaches approximately NTD 20million, and annual revenue is two hundred million or more.

CFDA certification

Conduct 2014 Aplus cadaver training course

Attend to the 9th international congress of Chinese orthopaedic association

Attend to the 65th Philippine orthopaedic association

Aplus always thinks in orthopedists' and patients' way and cooperates with academic and clinical professionals.
Our innovations are directed at the development of products suits best with Asians' bone curvature and the improvement of the clinical experience of the products currently available, and these are to provide Asian patients with the most comfortable treatment experience.

Suppliers and customers are Aplus' closest partners in commerce, knowledge exchange, and the establishment of academic platform.

We work to improve the overall medical competitiveness, biotechnology and manufacture practice in Asia.

Size is not everything,
and it is especially true for us.
We put our effort in developing the orthopedic medical devices for trauma dedicated for the bone curvature of Asians with the most stringent standards and of the best quality.

Geared with unparalleled professional knowledge, we ensure procedural quality and comprehensive consultations.